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Does Cycling Increases Height Over Time (+ 3 Bonus Tips) 

Cycling has tons of health benefits as it is one of the best ways to burn more calories in the body. There’s nothing like cycling in the early morning which puts a grin on your face. Cycling helps to keep our physical and mental states healthy.

There are many exercises to increase height. But does cycling help in increasing height? Well, the answer is here for you in this article. Cycling only accelerates growth in height in some cases but may not directly cause it. So let’s learn about how to increase height by cycling below.

Does Cycling Increases Height Over Time?

Does cycling make you taller? According to NCBI research, our height depends upon our genetic code. This is one of the important factors based on height. While the other one depends upon diet and exercise, after a certain age, it’s impossible to increase height.

Also, we have been taught that our growth in height increases till we are 18. Although some people grow even after 18, it’s marginal.

According to science, among several factors’ genes play a significant role, and genetic background determines 60 to 80 percent of height growth

According to some studies, the male height growth age limit is around 12 to 15 years. The increasing height of cyclists is due to cycling which stretches the knee, hips, and ankle joints. This alone will contribute to the length of the legs in one way or another.

We need to follow a good nutritious diet to increase maximum height potential. Moreover, if you are below 18 years of age, then it is the best time to start cycling. As cycling can increase height at the right time where you can attain height.

According to science, increasing height after 18 is impossible because bone and growth plates become stiff and harder after 18 due to certain hormonal changes after puberty. Therefore height can be only increased when growth plates are not closed.

How Does Cycling Impact Your Health And Body?

Cycling helps to increase height, as it is a kind of exercise that keeps our body muscles lean and enhances our leg muscles. When you add cycling to your daily routine, it promotes your immune system, lowers the risk of developing heart disease, and burns more calories efficiently.

According to research by Harvard Medical School, 30 minutes of cycling every day can burn calories up to 300, shape up your body, burn fat, stretch your leg muscles and nonetheless Increase your height. 

Cycling has an impact on our body as our muscles tend to work more and become active. Moreover, your leg muscles and calf muscles tighten up when you cycle at least 4 miles a day. As a result, the lower part of the body becomes lean which allows us to develop a figure like a tall person.

Health experts also recommend taking iron-rich and protein-rich food during the time of cycling. So that the body gets enough nutrition which helps the body with the right muscles.

How To Increase Height By Cycling?: 3 Best Height Increasing Tips

Cycling is a productive form of exercise that promotes overall health. It is an eco-friendly way of keeping yourself healthy and fit. Here are the best 3 height increases exercises tips in this article for you. To achieve maximum height during cycling. They are:

Start with warm-up exercise before the ride (Prefer skipping, spine stretch exercise)

Couple doing Warm up Exercise

Before you start cycling, have a warm-up session for about 15 – 20 minutes. Because warming up is important to relax your body muscles including thigh muscles and activate them before any exercise. Do some basic stretches or hanging exercises before your cycle ride. This hold true for both cycling on outdoor bike, indoor bike or any other stationary bike.

Adjust your saddle height

According to a research study you need to increase the saddle height in the cycle. That will strain your knee, hips, and ankle joints while pedalling. This cycling technique will help to lengthen the leg muscles,  bones lengthening by 1-3 inches & helps in muscle tone up.

Adjusting saddle height

The effects of saddle height lengthen your legs and fill the gap between the thigh and shin bones which extends over time. So, it is important to look for cycle with adjustable bike seat post.

Maintain consistency: Do at least 30-50 minutes of cycling every day

Don’t rush while cycling, take your time and be relaxed while riding your bicycle. Maintain consistency to reap the maximum benefits of cycling. If you ride a bicycle for about 30 – 50 minutes daily it helps to burn around 300 calories. But you must also take care of your body and mind to keep them relaxed manner.

Person cycling in the lap of nature

Sometimes you might get bored of cycling every day too. In the initial period of cycling try to start with 15 minutes and then increase the timings. As a result of cycling, the lower part of the body will become lean and strengthen your legs. Another good thing about cycling is that it improves accurate body posture from poor posture. But this process will take some time to happen, as your body will take some time to adapt.

What To Eat To Increase Height While Cycling?

Cycling only does not increase the maximum height. You need to follow balanced environmental and lifestyle factors. Because this plays a vital role in anyone’s fitness. According to the dietician, a healthy lifestyle, a nutrition-rich diet, and physical activities before 18 can help maximize height growth before puberty.

Here are some of the foods for health benefits. These include beans, chicken, fish, almonds, leafy green vegetables, Yoghurt, Sweet potatoes, Quinoa seeds, Berries, Eggs, and Diary products to name a few. Remember along with cycling you need to do height growth exercises, have adequate sleep, and have a protein-rich diet to increase in height. Your body needs a proper diet and minerals from the food you eat to fulfil its maximum growth potential.

Moreover, you can eat special supplements to increase your body’s height while cycling. This will help you grow your body’s height. A healthy lifestyle and balanced diet will benefit you at present and in the future too.

Other Factors That Affect Height


Genetics plays a vital factor in affecting the height of a person. Scientists estimated that 80% of a person’s height is through their genetic makeup. Your body essentially develops by age 20 and over, you stop growing in all areas of the body.

If both parents have the same height then the child will end up growing to the same height. Only in some cases, the child adopts genetic factors from their grandparents or close family members. As age progresses the person begins to lose height gradually as they get older.


DNA is the second factor that determines a person’s height. Scientists have estimated that there are more than 700 different gene variants that determine height. Some of these genes affect the production of growth hormones and others affect the growth plates. Genetic conditions like Down syndrome and Marfan Syndrome also affect a person’s adult height.


Our body produces hormones that instruct the growth plates in the human body to make new bones. These hormones include:

  • Thyroid hormone: The Thyroid gland influences growth from its hormones.
  • Sex hormone: Estrogen and Testosterone plays an important role in a person’s growth during puberty.
  • Growth hormone: This hormone is one of the important hormones for growth. These hormones are made in the pituitary gland of our body. Sometimes certain health conditions in our body restrict the growth hormones in our body which impacts height.

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If you ask us, does height increase by cycling? Yes in a positive manner it increases if you are a teenager. Because at this age height growth is possible for you. But cycling helps to become lean and promotes tons of health benefits.

Some height increase exercises allow you to grow taller as well. Try to follow lifestyle factors so that they can have an impact on your body’s development. These are certain benefits of cycling for height, but most importantly it makes you thinner.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long should I cycle to increase the height?

    You should cycle at least 4 miles or 30-50 minutes to burn calories in your body. This strengthens your leg and calf muscles which makes you look tall.

  2. Which sport makes you taller?

    Some of the sports which make you look taller are badminton, cycling, basketball, football, etc.

  3. Does cycling increase leg size?

    Yes, cycling increases leg size when we pedal a bicycle, then our legs become stronger and extend over time when we adjust the saddle height. Also, this exercise makes the lower part of the body lean which helps us to appear taller.

  4. Why are cyclists so tall?

    Cyclists appear tall due to the vigorous exercise and fitness they follow. Intense pedalling the bicycle works a lot since cyclists are trained to exercise daily with the cycle. They appear tall and fit.



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