Best Cycle Brands in India

14 Best Cycle Brands in India as Named by Cycle Enthusiasts

Are you looking for the best cycle brands in India? If yes, then your search ends here. As in this article, we’ve curated a list of the best bicycle brands in India for you.

In this modern world, people want to stay fit and healthy. Moreover, due to the ongoing traffic and pollution, Indian cycles have come to the rescue as the best cycle brands offer your fitness to stay on track and avoid traffic.

There are different Indian best cycles in the market. So choosing the best cycle brands is a challenging one. But don’t worry; we have found the solution to your problem. Yes, you will find a massive resource of top cycle brands in India in this article in a single list. Based on the price, availability, service, pros, and cons. So let’s get started.

List of Best Cycle Brands in India

Premium Brand
(More than ₹40K)
Mid Budget Brand
(between ₹20K to ₹40K)
Affordable Brand
(Less than ₹20K)
 Firefox bikes Cannondale cycles Hero cycles
 LA Sovereign Atlas Avon
 Decathlon(BTWIN) BSA Ladybird Hercules
 Montra Bicycles Kross Bikes OMO Bikes
 Bianchi (Imported) Mach City cycles Urban Terrain

After a lot of research, we have come up with the best cycle company in this article. There are more cycle companies in India, but we have listed only 14 top bicycle brands in India. So check out below.

#1 Firefox Bikes

Firefox bike has been one of the top bicycle brands in India ever since it entered the market. It is a premium brand from the USA which has carved its place in India.

Firefox has nearly 36 cycle models for all ages of teams. You may notice this brand has multiple types of Bicycles, including gear bike, mountain bike, road bike, all trains, BMX, ladies, hybrid, kids bike, etc.

The best thing about this branded cycle, it is available in a maximum of cities in India. This top brand cycle is one of the most expensive brands in India, which doesn’t give a second thought to providing top-notch quality. One can expect exclusive features in their bicycle models with many more designs.


  • Although the brand offers expensive bicycles, they are known for their affordable price.
  • These bicycle brands are known for durability, safety, and modern design.
  • It is available for all age groups of people.


  • This bicycle brand is a bit expensive compared to other brands in India.

#2 LA Sovereign Cycles

LA Sovereign is an Indian cycle brand joint between India and Thailand. The brand has offered its services for 40 years with world-class design and comfortable cycle manufacturing. The brand promotes reducing air pollution and making the earth pollution-free.

LA Sovereign has cycle models for small children and youth age. Their bikes include BMX bikes, MTB bikes, and child bikes, which are very talked-about. LA Sovereign town bicycle is one of their preferred models, which has already carved its position in the market.


  • LA Sovereign is one of the top cycle brands for its cutting-edge designs, robust construction, and safety features.
  • Their models deliver long-term performance with affordable price options.
  • Bicycles come with quality tires for comfortable riding.


  • Few models of bicycles from the brand are pretty expensive.

#3 Decathlon(BTWIN) Cycles

BTWIN is from the Decathlon brand, one of the world’s largest sporting goods retailers and pioneers of bicycle industry. It sells bicycles, accessories, and other essential products.

The brand is well-known for its cost-effective budget cycles. That offers durability, innovation, and quality design. The bicycle models from the brand are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and durable.

This makes BTWIN a part of the best bicycle brands in India. Their riverside cycles allow you to switch between off-road and roads. Some of the best models from the brand are Triban, Btwin My bike, Ultra 900, Rockrider, and Riverside.


  • Their bicycle models are cost-effective.
  • Easy to ride and maintain it.
  • Strong and shock-retaining outline.


  • Service areas are generally out of city limits.

#4 Montra Bicycles

If you ask us which cycle is best in India?

Then we recommend that the Montra bicycle is one of the best for its significant change.

The brand has an in-style variety of hybrid cycles. It belongs to the TI cycles of Asian countries, which have models best suited for the cities. Some of the best models they manufacture are mountain bikes and RTB bikes for roads and hills.

The nation’s first metallic bicycle is delivered by TI cycles which are fantastic add-ons. Moreover, the company is widely known for delivering carbon-frame bikes.


  • The brand offers multiple models which suits your requirement and budget.
  • They provide specially designed bikes for terrains and roads.
  • They also offer top-notch features for additional cycle necessities.


  • The cost of bikes is expensive.

#5 Bianchi(Imported) Bicycles

One of the good cycle brands in India is Bianchi. It is an Italian cycle brand that has been manufacturing bicycles for 130 years in the world.

TI cycles have introduced Bianchi to the Indian market and offer all types of cyclists a wide range of cycling gear and cycles.

Bianchi comes under the top list of international brands in India. The brand offers all bike models, including road bikes, fitness bikes, mountain bikes, and E-bikes. It offers unique cycle design bikes with high performance.


  • The brand offers a wide range of bicycles and gears.
  • The bikes are lightweight and known for manufacturing premium carbon frames.
  • The Bianchi brand is famous for its beautiful racing bikes.


  • The bikes are expensive and not recommended for a tight budget.

#6 Cannondale Cycles

Cannondale has come a long way since its venture into the Indian market. It was started by Canadian firm Dorel Industries, famous for its leading innovation and game-changing technologies.

The bicycle models from the brand have many features compared to other brands. The brand also manufactures many bikes, including mountain, electric, road, and road bicycles. The Cannondale brand is well-known for its pioneering cutting-edge bottom-bracket technology.


  • Cannondale brands have the best performance models with innovative designs and appealing colors.
  • The bicycle models are made up of highly durable fiber frames.
  • Each bicycle model has a balanced saddle position.


  • Some of the models from this brand have heavy rims compared to other bikes.

#7 Atlas Cycles

Atlas brand is one of the best bike brands in India, which manufactures bicycles for all age groups, from kids to adult bikes. It is a prestigious brand in India with a chain of bicycle shops in every corner of the country.

Atlas is one of the best sport cycle brands with affordable price options. Atlas Smash IBC 20T is one of the preferred bicycle models by the brand. The brand encompasses many bicycle models within children’s cycling classes. The bicycles are well-built and don’t skimp on their quality.


  • The bicycle brand has trainer-style wheels with steel frames and caliper brakes.
  • The cycles are affordable, lightweight of standard quality.
  • The brand manufactures bicycles for all age groups.


  • The bicycle doesn’t have an extra frill like a water bottle holder.

#8 BSA Ladybird Cycles

BSA Ladybird is one of the branded cycles in India for women. BSA is known for its flagship brands like Hercules, BSA Ladybird, and Montra. The brand ensures customers with top-notch quality bicycles at affordable prices. They manufacture bicycles with stylish and classy features. So that girls get comfort while riding the bicycle.

The brand BSA sells several model cycles like BSA SLR, BSA Champ, and BSA Mach, apart from BSA Ladybird. BSA Ladybird Beetle is one of the number one cycles from the brand.


  • BSA Ladybird cycles are lightweight and easy to handle.
  • They have wide paddles and caliper brakes in their cycles.
  • BSA Ladybirds are comfortable in design which reflects its style and self-assurance.


  • No negative points have been made.

#9 Kross Bikes

Kross Bikes are designed to take on rough terrain and turfs. It is one of the leading manufacturers of bicycles in Europe. The brand makes mountain bikes, road bikes, urban bikes, and so on.

Kross Bikes produce the highest quality bicycles for beginners. They manufacture bicycles in various designs and colors, readily available in local cycle shops. MTB bikes, City bikes, Ladies, and kids are some of the models from the brand.


  • Kross bikes offer hi-tech features to eye-catching colors.
  • It is a subsidiary of Hero cycles.
  • They produce different models of bicycles.


  • Lack of premium segment bicycles.

#10 Mach City Cycles

Mach city cycles are the best bicycle company in India which comes at a reasonable price. The brand focuses on city bikes, an excellent way to get around town.

The brand comes under the Murugappa brand, which focuses on short-distance cycling. The bikes come with a lightweight steel frame and sturdy tires.

Match City iBike and Munich bikes are the top best models of this brand. The brand also has hybrid bikes with W single speed with a comfy position. So that girls sit on the cycle with ease. These bicycles are simple to use as they require less maintenance and are lightweight.


  • Mach city cycles are affordable in price.
  • They offer exceptional quality and maintain longevity.
  • They come with robust mudguards, frames, and rims.


  • These bicycles are not suitable for long-distance cycling.

#11 Hero Cycles

Hero Cycles are one of the top bicycle brands with cost-effective budgets. It is one of the world’s largest bicycle manufacturers and its components. They have been making bikes for decades.

The brand has gained a solid position and is now exporting its bicycles to more than 70 countries. Hero is the largest integrated cycle manufacturer in the world. Some of the popular models in the brand are Miss India, MTB, ATB, kids, Hero Urban, Hero Kyoto, Hero Zoom, Girls, etc.

The brand speaks volumes about its standard in its bicycles. Firefox, Miss India, Sprint, and Mountain Bike are some well-known brands owned by the Hero brand.


  • Hero cycle models have many options to choose from within your budget.
  • Hero cycles offer smooth gear with an advanced shifting gear mechanism.
  • It manufactures both standard and premium segments of bicycles.


  • Some Hero models lack design.

#12 Avon Cycles

Avon is one of the best cycle brands in India, which has over 200 different models of bicycles. The brand has cycles for all age groups. Avon offers a high-quality riding experience to its riders.

The cycle company manufactures not only cycles but also electric cycles, rickshaws, electric scooters, and fitness equipment. Avon brand cycles are durable and sturdy with a high-quality design.

The brand has carved its place in the Indian market. Furthermore, the brand has modern cycles with suspension brakes, alloy rims, and comfy cushions.


  • Avon Cycles have models like Geared, MTB, Ladies, Roadsters, Kids, and electric bicycles.
  • Avon has quality design cycles that range from 200+ models.
  • The bicycle comes with a comfortable seat with adjustable seat options.


  • The brand lacks premium segment bicycles.

#13 Hercules Cycles

Hercules Cycles is another famous Indian best cycle brand in India. The brand has terrific features with standard quality and dependability so customers can embark on new adventures.

The brand is the first brand to introduce mountain bikes in India. Some of the models from this brand include Hercules Dynor RF, Hercules S26, Flunk RF, Hercules Hister, etc. The brand also manufactures normal cycles and sports bikes.

Hercules is one of the largest brands which produce quality cycles with durability and quality.


  • Hercules has several simplest performance bicycles.
  • The brand manufactures both gear and single-speed bicycles.
  • The bicycles are cost-effective.


  • The brand lacks premium segment bicycles.

#14 OMO Bikes

OMO bikes are one of the best brands in India which offer entry-level bicycles. They have cycle models for people of all ages. They are renowned for producing commuting and fitness bicycles.

The brand manufactures bicycles for adults and kids. They offer customization in their bicycles and solve their problem immediately. OMO Bikes provide excellent after-sales services thru its authorized service centers, which is the best service.


  • A leading brand for fitness and commuting bicycles.
  • The brand offers exclusive craftsmanship with customized bicycles.
  • It uses premium quality materials to manufacture its bicycles.


  • Some models lack design.

Why Should You Consider Buying Indian Cycle Brands?

Cycling is an eco-friendly option and strives to keep healthy and active. Some prestigious bicycle companies in India are known for their well-built and renowned quality manufacture.

  • The best bicycle companies in India manufacture on a large scale, using an essential raw material to keep costs low.
  • There is the availability of spare parts which are so good in design and quality, yet they don’t charge high.
  • Indian bicycle brands offer some of the best models, whatever your budget. You will enjoy the premium and standard segments of bicycles.
  • Although foreign brands offer the latest design models built into the right frame, it comes at a high price but is worth a lifetime investment.

Finally, Indian cycle brands are often more widely available than foreign brands, making them easier to find and purchase.

The Comprehensive Buying Guide on How to Select a Perfect Cycle Brand

Different best bicycle brands in India are available, and choosing the right one can be tedious. But if you want to buy the best cycle brand, you need to consider certain aspects. This will help you choose the best cycle company in India per your requirement, making your decision-making process more manageable.

  • What’s the objective of buying a bicycle?

First, you need to figure out the necessity of buying a bicycle because there are different types of models of bicycles for commuting, maintaining fitness, racing, mountain biking, long-distance touring, and cycling as sports, to name a few.

So ask yourself this question to narrow your search. Whether you want to prefer Road Bike, Hybrid, or Mountain bike, consider looking at it. Move on to the next step.

  • Decide on the Budget

This is generally one of the critical aspects of buying a cycling brand, so you can set your budget according to your financial conditions and how much money you want to invest. This will help you simplify to select the best one. Each bicycle model serves its purpose and comes in a different price range.

  • Types of Bicycles

As mentioned earlier, finding the correct type of bicycle depends upon factors like how often you plan to ride and how often your plan to ride. So here’s a quick overview of the types of bicycles you’ll find in the market.

Road Bikes

For example, for Roadbikes, the starting price range is INR 30,000. If you want a long-distance commute, this one’s for you. It is the ideal option if you love speed and have good handling skills.

Mountain Bikes

If you are a beginner, mountain bikes are the ideal starting option, which is suitable for Indian roads. The mountain bikes range around INR 15,000 and have exclusive features that ensure durability and comfort in rough terrain. It is also known as MTB bikes, suitable for commuting, off-roading purposes, and fitness and hybrid bikes.

Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes are the perfect amalgamation of mountain and road bikes. It is good for your fitness and allows you to travel long-distance on Indian roads. The cost range of hybrid bikes starts from INR 10,000 and more. BMX bikes are ideal for stunts and so on. You can select commuter, foldable, and fat bikes per your requirements.

Remember, costly bikes have high maintenance costs. On the other hand, bicycles with a single speed have low maintenance costs due to fewer moving parts.

  • Type of Frame

Frames are the foundation of the bicycle. Because the right type of frame depends upon your budget and how you wish to use the cycle. Three different types of frames come in a bicycle.

  • The aluminum frame is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and a bit expensive. They are ideal for long-lasting smooth terrain.
  • The steel frame, durable and heavy, comes at an affordable price. It comes with custom bike designs that have a long-lasting performance.
  • Carbon frames are corrosion-resistant, durable, and lightweight. It does a good job of absorbing road vibrations.
  • Braking System

Choosing a disc brake depends on different riders’ requirements. Because riding within the city means V-brakes are good, so similarly, for longer rides, you don’t need disc brakes as they will slow down. So if you are into stunt riding, disc brakes are necessary for your bikes.

  • Check the Quality of your Desired Bicycle

Don’t forget to check the quality and warranty of your desired Indian cycle. Premium quality bicycles last long and perform well, so invest in that bicycle. Select the top cycle brands and compare the models under your budget to determine the good cycle for you. Go for a test drive before purchasing the one to avoid any misfit happening later on.


In the end, we only want to conclude that there are 14 bicycle companies in India. So choose the top bicycle brands which offer valuable service and performance. So decide what’s best for you and choose according to your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand is best for bicycles in India?

Brands like Firefox, BTWIN, Hercules, Avon, and Hero are a few of the best bicycle brands in India.

Which cycle is best for Indian roads?

The best cycle for Indian roads is a hybrid cycle. Hybrid cycles are designed with a combination of features from a mountain bike, road bike, and touring bike. They are suitable for different types of terrain and are built with a sturdy frame to handle uneven roads in India. They also come with wide tires, shock-absorbing suspension, and disc brakes for safe and comfortable cycling.

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