Top 5 Superbikes in India

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India’s youth nowadays demand more of the stylish bikes rather than the ones that are inclined towards having a good fuel economy. Youth, has always been style savvy and do not care about the exorbitant prices as these enthusiasts are automatically pulled towards high speed superbikes. It is usually seen that most of the Indian manufacturers prefer not to produce such high performance bikes as the common man would not be attracted to such high performance engines. With the increase in demand for superbikes as a result of greater number of youths riding bikes nowadays, bikes are even being imported from abroad. The following are the best 5 superbikes in India which are in high demand for the past few months.

Best 5 Superbikes in India



The Intruder is a bike for fanatics with ample amount of money. It is a massive bike having dimensions similar to that of A- start. Intruder surely has an authoritative presence with a low set headlight under a chrome hat shaped mantle. An extremely different feature of the Intruder is the speedometer and other basic instruments, which sit far below the bike’s tank. It comes with a retro style mirror and has a broad chrome pull back handlebar. The following are its specifications.

Engine- 1783cc
Engine Type- 4 Stoke, 2 Cylinder, liquid cooled DOHC
Ignition- Electronic Ignition
Transmission- 3 speed constant mesh
Brakes- front- Disc, twin
- Rear- Disc
Tires-front- 130/70R18M/C 63V tubeless
- Rear- 240/40R18M/C 79V tubeless
Fuel tank- 19.5 litres
Ground Clearance- 130mm



The Harley Davidson Fatboy is extremely famous in the United States and Hollywood, and has been spotted in many of the movies. The bike is smooth and is one of the best bikes for highways. It provides a relaxed experience to its driver and is preferred by people who want to travel long distances. The following the specifications of Fatboy.

Engine- Air cooled, twin cam 103B
Displacement- 1690cc
Fuel system- Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection
Wheels- Black, Bullet Hole Disc Cast Aluminum
Brakes- front- 4 piston
- Rear- 2 piston
Torque- 132Nm
Fuel tank – 18.9 litres
Ground Clearance- 125mm



The Yamaha YZF R1 designed by the “Ultimate Cornering Master 1000” is a sports bike having exceptional controllability, performance along with the latest Moto GP technology. The change of frame and the suspension has improved the overall handling to a great extent. The new feature of a seven level Traction Control System provides the driver with greater comfort incase of harsh interventions, and also reduces the tire from wearing out. The following are the specifications of YZF R1.

Engine- 998cc Liquid Cooled 4 Stroke DOHC
Transmission- 6 Speed W/Multiple Slipper Clutch
Torque- 98.4Nm
Brake- front- Dual 310mm disc
- Rear- 220mm
Tires- front- 120/70ZR17M/C 58W
- Rear- 190/55ZR17M/C 75W
Fuel capacity- 4.8 Gal



In order to celebrate the companies 60th year of motorcycle productions, it rolled out the GSX R1000. It is considered to be a legendary bike with amazing power, acceleration and throttle response along with a good level of fuel economy. It is built to own the race tracks with responsive handling, smooth suspension and superior braking system. The new shorter wheelbases allow the bike to maintain its speed while taking the corners along with a feel of a high quality rider because of its big piston forks. The following are the feature of Suzuki GSX R1000.

Engine- 4 Stroke, 4 Cylinder liquid cooled DOHC
Displacement- 999cc
Transmission- 6 Speed constant mesh
Brakes- front- Disc, twin
- Rear- Disc
Tires- front- 120/70ZR17M/C 58W tubeless
-rear- 190/50ZR17M/C 73W tubeless
Fuel tank- 17.5 litres
Ground Clearance- 130mm



The CBR 1000RR was launched at the Paris International Motorcycle Show in September. The bike offers improved stability due to the added slipper clutch as well as centre cam assist mechanism. CBR 1000RR handles great speed with simplicity. The light weight aluminum back bone frame adds to increase the stability even at low speeds. The instrument panel has been completely digitized with LED gear shift indicator, manual lap timer etc. The following are the specifications of CBR 1000RR.

Engine- Liquid cooled, 4 Cylinder
Displacement- 999cc
Max Power- 175bhp@12000rpm
Torque- 112Nm@8500rpm
Transmission- 6 speed manual
Tire- front- 120/70ZR17mm tubeless
- Rear- 190/50ZR17mm tubeless
Brakes- front- Dual 320mm Disc
- Rear- 220mm Disc
Fuel tank- 17.7 litre
Ground Clearance- 130mm

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Top 5 Superbikes in India, 7.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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