Royal Enfield Continental GT535 Café Racer seen in India

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Royal Enfield is fully geared up to bring in the Continental GT535 in India in the upcoming months. It is going to be a promising race bike with retro look. It is going to be one of the fastest of Royal Enfield bikes. This new Café Racer has a tinge of the fifties lined up with the sixties design. In those days, these kinds of bikes were not seen at all.















The café Racer style had always been an eye-catcher. The most attractive part of the bike is the intricate lightening which doesn’t include unnecessary decorative embellishments. The Continental GT535 will be the lightest of the RE bikes of these days as the cutting down of unwanted lights have almost diminished its weight by 15 kg. The bike also exhibits extra torque and horsepower, which will be produced by the 535cc engine. The bike also has a remapped ECU as well as a light flywheel which would complement the engine gear up faster.

There are more interesting features about the GT535 that includes a floating disc brake in the front which is from Brembo, sticky rubber of Pirelli. It also got a rear Bybre disc brake, a new dual cradle frame, Paioli gas charged and motion shock absorbers. Including all these features, this bike is priced a little above 2 lakh rupees. This is quite cheaper in India than any other British countries. Royal Enfield will start production of this one later this year at its new factory at Oragadam.

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