Piaggio Unveils New Vespa VX Scooter

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Italian scooter maker Piaggio has unveiled its newest scooter model, the Vespa VX, in Pune recently. While the new Vespa VX is visually still identical to the existing Vespa, the VX is a brand new model and not just a facelift of the existing Vespa model.

The all-new Vespa VX sports a 200mm front disc that was not present in the standard model. The VX gets, in addition, a redesigned instrument cluster, a detailed and visually-appealing hand rail and an option for a beige-colored seat. Two new body shades, like Dual tone red and pink and Metallic Green are also on offer.

However, there has not been much change in the technical specifications of the all-new Vespa VX, which runs on the same 4-stroke 125cc, 3-valve engine with single cylinder, generating 10.06 PS of power  @ 7500 rpm and torque of 10.6Nm @ 6000 rpm. With the new Vespa VX, you also get Automatic CVT transmission just like in the standard model. Piaggio has not altered the underpinnings of the Vespa: the Vespa VX sports a monocoque chassis with single-sided suspension at the rear and linked suspension at the front. The new model runs on MRF Zapper tubeless tyres.

While the Vespa was indeed intended to be a premium scooter in India, it has become an iconic brand in itself. It still manages to boast of sales of 4,500 units every month, in spite of the hefty price-tag. The new Vespa VX will be launched for sale during June-end. The Vespa VX is likely to have a bigger price-tag than the standard model.

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