Piaggio to launch all new Vespa VX 125

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The latest production of Piaggio, the Italian automobile manufacturing company is the sporty Vespa LX125 which is turning a lot of heads around the world and is grabbing a lot of attention is also the only Indian premium scooter. Vespa, as a brand was in India previously, firstly in collaboration with Bajaj and later with LML as well, becoming a very successful two wheeler in the country.

This time though the highly successful two wheeler turned out to be utter failures in transforming all the hype generated by the new launch into high figures in the sales department, as a result Piaggio scooter decreased the price of the scooter not once but twice, yet all this effort yielded no result whatsoever. The price tag of the two-wheeler though is yet the highest in the country when price tags of all scooters are considered, yet it doesn’t feature important elements like the disc brake.

Recent reports have stated that the Italian company Piaggio is in the process of launching a new and better model of the two-wheeler, which will be called by the name Vespa VX 125. This new edition of the Vespa will exhibit new and reformed features which were missing in the previous version and will also display exciting new paint jobs, it will resemble the LX 125 but in a far more sporty way. The cost will also go up by a few notches due to the additional features. The new model is expected to be launched by the end of June, and sales will commence from July.

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Piaggio to launch all new Vespa VX 125, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

One comment on “Piaggio to launch all new Vespa VX 125

  1. abdul rehman says:

    This bike is wow I am waiting For the launch
    Just wanted to know the price tag

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