KTM SuperDuke 1290 will not be launched in India

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With the launch of the KTM 390, it was quite obvious that the KTM SuperDuke 1290 will soon be coming to India. But it seems KTM lovers would not get that good news very soon. Keeping aside the interested ones, we must try to realize that Bajaj and KTM tried to take a big leap in India. This can only mean that the two companies are quite confident with reasonable Indian market, they are looking forward to bring in bikes in this market through the CBU route.

It is actually a change in strategy when looked closely. It was always been Bajaj’s intention to approach the premium bike market from the bottom. This strategy will allow the company to introduce costlier bikes with every launch.

If the SuperDuke is launched, we can conclude that Bajaj is having a strategic change for the market. Bajaj officials say that they were completely unaware of the news regarding the launch of the SuperDuke. It obviously wants to strike the high level and low level demands both at the same time. The international date for launch of the SuperDuke is scheduled at the end of this year.

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