Harley Davidson To Debut 500cc Bike At 2014 Auto Expo

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Harley Davidson bike lovers will be happy to know that the world’s best bike manufacturer is looking to bring the 500 cc engine bike to India and has plans to unveil the same during the upcoming 2014 Auto Expo in India. The name of the 500 cc bike has not yet been revealed by Harley Davidson, but they have confirmed its arrival on the Indian shores early next year. The 500 cc bike is said to be manufactured completely in India and will be exported all over the globe from India. This means that Harley Davidson 500 c bike lovers will be able to buy their bike at reasonable prices. Moreover, by manufacturing the bike in India, the American bike manufacturer will be able to easily reach the popular Asian countries where Harley Davidson is in great demand. The bike will also come out with a low height seat that will suit the smaller Asian riders.

Harley Davidson To debut 500cc Bike At 2014 Auto Expo

The new bike is currently under the full test mode and it has G Platform underpinning. The engine would be a two cylinder power packed one that will offer an output of 40 BHP and a maximum torque of 45 Nm. It is expected that the new 500 cc bike would be sold by the American bike manufacturer under-4 lakhs and is sure to attract a lot of Indian bike lovers. Harley Davidson is also looking to manufacture electric bikes for its environment loving riders and is good news for all bike cruisers.

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Harley Davidson To Debut 500cc Bike At 2014 Auto Expo, 8.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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