FJR1300 Updated with Electronic Suspension as Yamaha Releases 2014 Line-Up

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The 2014 line-up of Yamaha Motorcycles has been unveiled, which includes the flagship sports tourer- the 2014 Yamaha FJR1300ES.

The new FJR1300E has a brand new electronic suspension as well as four separate preload settings i.e. one up, two up, one up with luggage and two up with luggage. The preload settings also come with different damping settings.

The Yamaha R1 as well as R6 has received no changes apart from a new colour scheme in blue. The R1 hasn’t received a major update in as many as 3 years and the R6 too has remained fairly similar since 2008.

The new 3 cylinder model in Yamaha FZ-09 series has now comes in a new shade. That is with the rapid red and liquid graphite options, an orange paint scheme is available as well.

The scoot from Yamaha, the Zuma, now has a single beam headlight with an FX added as a suffix ti its name. The 50FX also has more sporty graphics than its predecessors.


With the remaining Star Cruiser line-up being the same, the Star Raider SCL is the only exception with a minor makeover with a Matte Iron paint scheme; oxidized titanium coated fork tubes and blacked out components. Only 500 units of this 2014 Star Raider SCL from Yamaha will be up for sale.

It is likely and a calculated guess that the biggest impending change is the 3 cylinder format being used on all Yamaha motorcycles.

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FJR1300 Updated with Electronic Suspension as Yamaha Releases 2014 Line-Up, 7.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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