Discover 125T launched by Bajaj at Rs.52,000

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Bajaj introduced a new model of the Discover 125ST range, called the 125T. It is designed to attract a large mass of customers. T signifies a better and premium pricing of this bike under the Discover 125ST series.

The new Discover 125T is identically configured like the 125ST. But there is no tyre hugger and there are minor tweaks to tank graphics. The 125T has 124.6cc, single-cylinder, four stroke and air-cooled engine that have four valve head. It creates a torque of 12.3bhp at 9000rpm which is substantially less.

The highest torque remains constant at 1.1kgm. It is now available in 6500rpm and 500rpm. There is also a 1-down, 4-up 5-speed gear box that remains the same as that of the ST. Additionally; the Discover 125ST has a gas-charged shock absorber in the rear. This is in contrast to the Nitrox mono-shock of the 125ST.

Coming to the price, the 125T is available in two trims. The variant with the drum brake costs Rs.52,000 and the bike equipped with the front disc brake costs Rs.55,000. Both the prices were up in the ex-showroom at Delhi.

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Discover 125T launched by Bajaj at Rs.52,000, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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