1000km race for Vespas in Northern Italy

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A 1000km race featuring Vespas in the north of Italy is known as the “1000 Km Vespistica”. It is an innovative race where Vespa riders have to cover 1000kms across an Italian countryside in a total time limit of 48 hours. Racers have to ride across a beautiful countryside in Northern Italy. The recently concluded 2013 edition of this event had received a big number of participants, as many as 306 Vespa riders had turned up for the 1000km race, but only 192 racers among all of them managed to complete the race.

On the 24th of May this year, the Italian city of Mantua, which is warmly called ‘Sleeping beauty city of Italy’ woke up to the buzzing sounds from exhaust pipes of the four stroke and also two stroke engines of the Vespas, as more than three hundred of them gathered on the starting line for the eleventh edition of the “1000 Km Vespitica”.  The spectacle was one to behold as almost each and every model of the well renowned scooter manufacturer was up for display including a few models from the 1950s era, the ‘fender headlight’ models.

The first ever Vespistica took place in the year 1951 and was created on the lines of the 1000 km race of cars, the renowned ‘Mille Miglia’, but unlike the car race, this event’s route changes each year. Till the year 1970, nine editions of the race had taken place and by the tenth edition it had become a major attraction. Nine editions of the event were held until 1970 by when the event was a major attraction in Italy for the Italian two wheeler fans who every year loyally line the roads to cheer for the ‘Vespiti’.

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