Upcoming Honda CB150R revealed duri...

With the naked bike segment gaining a lot of attention in the past few months, a larger number of automotive companies are busy preparing a naked ...

AVIOR – The new Electric cycl...

Hero Electric, one of the brand companies operating under the Hero Eco Group unveiled their brand product in the form of AVIOR. It is nothing but ...


Honda opens its 800th two wheeler d...

It is in Karnataka where Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Private Limited (HMSI) declared the inauguration of its eight hundredth Honda Exclusiv...


Bajaj showcases the much awaited Pu...

The Indian automobile market is laden with a wide range of bikes of different kinds but there seems to be no end to the increasing curiosity among...

Upcoming Honda CB150R revealed during 2014 Indonesia Bike Show

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With the naked bike segment gaining a lot of attention in the past few months, a larger number of automotive companies are busy preparing a naked version of their already existing fully faired two wheelers. This is due to the fact that the urban population feels more convenience in riding the lighter naked products. It was only a few weeks back that Kawasaki introduced the naked models of the Ninja 650 and Ninja 300 in India as ER-6n and Z250 respectively.

And now its time for the Japanese automobile giant Honda to unleash the newer versions based on the CB150R Streetfire naked bikes. In fact, a Motorcycle Show held at Indonesia revealed the upcoming naked bike. This time, Honda will be unveiling a naked model of the entry level bike i.e. the CB150R. The 2014 naked version of CB150R is laden with new attractive graphics along with a completely different engine running under the hood. The red colored bike is equipped with colored rims as well. However, it was expected that Honda would paint the frame with the red colors rather than the wheels. A mono color finish has been used for the exhaust and a black one for the heat shield and the canister. Otherwise, you can hardly spot any striking difference with the fully faired version.

Under the hood, the CB150R will don a liquid cooled 150cc engine capable of generating a peak power of 17.5 bhp and a maximum torque of 12.5 Nm. Honda never found the CB150R fir for the Indian market and thereby abstained from releasing it here. However the increase in the demand of pocket friendly entry level bikes based on performance might force Honda to launch the CB150R here.

AVIOR – The new Electric cycle in India launched by Hero Electric

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Hero Electric, one of the brand companies operating under the Hero Eco Group unveiled their brand product in the form of AVIOR. It is nothing but an electrically operated cycle and will be available throughout the country. The MD of Hero Ecor Group, Mr. Naveen Munjal said that the company is extremely elated to launch its world class German technology for the Indian market through its latest offering i.e. AVIOR. He said that the product was in line with the company’s motive to offer green mobility for India and is a result of their consistent hard work and innovative steps in creating remarkable eco friendly products for India.

The CEO of Global Business, Hero Electric, Mr. Sohinder Gill said that the company has always given priority to quality and innovation and is extremely excited to launch the AVIRO which will carry its world class technology for the Indian EV sector. According to him, the company also hopes that this new vehicle will be greeted well by its Indian customers.

The AVIOR utilizes six speed Shimano gears and can reach a top speed of 25 kmph and run continuously for a maximum period of 9 hours on single battery charge. The new cycle is mainly aimed for the urban society and will try to woo working corporates, youngsters and young professionals. The company believes that the educated section residing in the metros and aware of the degrading environment will resort to these e-cycles for covering quick distance rather than riding on their bike or car every time. One of the top officials commented that the company expects that this product will add a new dimension to cycling experience and help in reducing the problem traffic jams engulfing the entire nation.

Hero Electric has currently launched two versions of the e-cycle in the form of AVIOR AFX priced at INR 18,990 and AVIOR AMX priced at INR 19,290. Both the prices are according to on-road prices of Delhi. While AMX carries a black finish, the AFX features a burgundy color. Females as well as males from all the five metros in India can easily avail this e-cycle.

Honda opens its 800th two wheeler dealer in grand fashion

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It is in Karnataka where Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Private Limited (HMSI) declared the inauguration of its eight hundredth Honda Exclusive Authorized Dealer (HEAD). It was done with the introduction of its upcoming 4S facility comprising of safety, spares, service and sales.

HMSI already has a huge network of 3170 dealers spanning in different corners of the country. And it has been successful in moving to the second spot in terms of the network of two wheeler dealers in India. The increase in its sales capacity has enabled Honda to continue its idea of expanding its dealer network thereby getting a closer access to its customers in an aggressive approach.

Commenting on the event, Y. S. Guleria, VP of Sales and marketing at HMSI said that the company has always laid special focus on reaching out to a wide range of customers and it has been doing so continuously while also expanding its product portfolio. He also declared that they wish to spread their wings throughout the vast country by expanding their network diligently thereby delivering their world class vehicles to their potential consumers.
Honda has been successful in covering 5 regions spread over hinterlands and metros in different corners of the nation. They have equipped the dealers with the required facilities so that they can fulfill main customer needs covering after sales service as well as product sales. Honda has also launched facilities which provide genuine spare parts.

Bajaj showcases the much awaited Pulsar 200 SS

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The Indian automobile market is laden with a wide range of bikes of different kinds but there seems to be no end to the increasing curiosity among Indians regarding the upcoming fully fared Pulsars. The Pulsar has been extremely successful in garnishing a huge number of sales for Bajaj and will be carrying the company’s hopes even in the coming days. Bajaj Auto will be looking to strengthen its hold over the two wheeler segment with upcoming bikes like Pulsar 400 SS, Pulsar 200 SS, Pulsar 180 NS and Pulsar 150 NS. There have been several instances when the company was spotted testing them rigorously in different parts of the nation. It was at the Indian Auto Expo held earlier this year where Bajaj raised the curtains on Pulsar 400 CS and Pulsar 400 SS with a bang. However, eight months have passed since then but there is no news regarding the launch of any new Pulsar bike even in the near feature. Rakesh Gowda, through his Facebook account, has however shared some images related to the Pulsar 200 SS which will really interest you. The analysis of the images have revealed that Bajaj is holding premiers of the bike at a private event in Turkey.

The images clearly reveal that the upcoming motorcycle is completely similar to the Pulsar 400 SS in terms of exterior looks. The feature list comprises of handle bars with clips, split seat, dual projector headlights, grab rails integrated to the body and eye brow daytime running lamps. These features certainly boost the functionality as well as the unparalleled style standards created by the bike. The bike has also been spotted with two piece quirky tail lamps. And as per expectations, it uses the engine that is already doing the duty under the Pulsar 200 NS. The single pot engine running on petrol is capable of churning out up to 23.17 bhp of power and up to 18.3 Nm of torque on the naked bike. We expect that Bajaj has utilized this long gap to study the market demands and trends carefully in order to boost the engine’s capacity to the best extent possible.

MV Agusta F4 SBK Unveiled with pictures and specifications

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The Italian company, MV Agusta is expected to unveil the 2015 MV Agusta F4 SBK superbike at the EICMA motor show on 4th November, 2014. Though leaked pictures of the bike are available all over the internet, specifications have been recently presented to the journalists.

Powered by 210 HP motor, the bike is 8% lighter than the F4. It is expected to weigh around 175 kg, way less for a superbike. Carbon fibers and magnesium parts, forged wheels, lighter crankshaft and much more are employed to make the bike as light as possible. All new F4 is capable of producing more horsepower than its predecessor F4 RR. Its rival is BMW motorcycle and the S1000RR, which produces less horsepower and heavier. The superbike is expected to have two versions – customer and race options motorcycle.

The bike also employs new features like all new cylinder heads, bigger fuel injectors, titanium connecting rods, lighter pistons, Öhlins suspension, Termignoni exhausts and much more to make your ride smooth and fantastic. The customer version of this bike is expected to feature in the World Superbikes championship next year. Already, the bike is made up of a lot of carbon fiber and magnesium parts but more parts are available optionally along with full titanium exhaust parts and a racing kit.

Italians are known for their exquisite art and beautiful designs and this bike is expected to showcase their design skills. Manufacturers like MV Agusta are trying to enrich their automobile history by showcasing art on wheels. The bike might be produced in limited numbers to let it remain exclusive.

Indian takes Hayabusa for a 9000 KM journey

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Twenty-eight year old Sushant Shetty on the 25th October started a monumental journey from Alexandra Park, London on his dynamic Suzuki Hayabusa and is hoping to reach Indian city of Bangalore on the 18th of November. In the course of his travel, he will cross Germany, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and lastly reach India. The total length of the journey is estimated to be over 9,000 kilometers.


Nonetheless, this will only be possible only if Shetty obtains a Pakistan visa before he gets Iran. Al though, he can take a detour via Bandar Abbas, Dubai and then reach India. The detour will consume extra time and he may not be able to land on Bangalore in mid of November.

Shetty on the first day of his ride covered an impressive 700 kilometers by reaching Stuttgart, Germany. So far, he has passed Germany, Austria, Slovenia and fastly approaching Bulgarian soil. Until now, Shetty’s mates are finding hard to obtain a Pakistani visa and his November 18th mark started to become a big question.

“This trip is really an itch I’ve wanted to scratch for a very long time. While I like to travel, I’m not the type to go off for twelve months and find myself, I prefer my adventures at a faster pace. While I can’t wait to get started, there are some sections of the journey that I’m a little apprehensive about. The crucial element is getting into Pakistan, but then when I do it’s likely that I will need to travel the country under police escort. Of course if I don’t get my visa approved, it’s Dubai and a boat or two. It will be adventure whatever way fate rolls the dice”, Shetty commented on an interview.

In the course of his journey, Shetty will be using the famous Couch Surfing website for his staying needs, which will effectively allow members to contact other members in cities to provide him some sort of accommodation.

The Suzuki Hayabusa of Shetty will remain in India and will be proudly displayed at 2015 India Bike Week then will be sent back to the U.K.

Details of Superbike Triumph Street Triple RX leaked

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Triumph will add another model to its range of Street Triple superbikes in the form of RX. With bike lovers in India already familiar with the term RX thanks to the Yamaha RX100, Triumph will be able to attract a lot of potential customers in the country. However, this time the term RX is associated with a much powerful superbike under the Triumph Street Triple. The upcoming superbike is loaded with the same 675cc three pot engine under the hood but is capable of producing greater amount of torque as well as power. While it can deliver a maximum power of 108 PS, the torque output can be as high as 68 Nm. The superbike Triumph Street Triple RX will also get a close ratio 6 speed manual transmission unit.


The latest superbike comes with a host of styling modifications in comparison to the Street Triple 675. It has got a completely different rear profile along with aluminium silver paint and attractive graphics. The red finish on the rear sub frame along with alloy wheels enhance the sporty appeal of the bike. The Triumph Street Triple 675 RX is laden with belly pan, angular seat, seat cowl fly screen and decals as additional features. It will come with a price tag of USD 11,999 and there are high chances that the British automotive company will bring it to the Indian market, especially after doing the same for the Daytona 675R. In fact the Triumph Street Triple 675 RX has been built keeping the Daytona 675R in mind.

The upcoming bike will don a monoshock at the back and upside down forks on the front. Twin discs of 310mm are available for the front wheel whereas a single disc is equipped with the one at the back. Although ABS is available as a standard feature, you can choose to stay away from it if you want. There might be a price difference of around 1.3 lakhs between the Street Triple 675 and the RX model of the same.

Much hyped Hero MotoCorp HX250R to mark its launch in the first quarter of 2015

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The new hero HX250R is supposed to bring disappointment for the customers who are looking up for it soon. The company reported that there will not be the launch of the vehicle HX250R in 2014. They are planning its launch in 2015-2016. Eric Buell Racing and Hero MotoCorp jointly develops the HX250R (Hero MotoCorp is having minimum hold in stake of EBR though). The debut public appearance of Hero HX250R was at 2014 Auto Expo which held in Delhi.


Many rumours threaded like an ocean that the launch of the motorcycle would be held in 2014, but the company is holding their position to launch it in 2015. Anyhow the bitter truth is that the launch can be delayed further too. We cannot rely upon any reports as such. This strategy can surely pop up the hype, anticipation and expectation. This gives plenty of time to customers to decide whether to buy or not.

The Hero HX250R will power a 249c powerful four-valve liquid cooled fuel injected engine. The engine is somewhat likely having square stroke ratio similar to MotoGP bike’s motor. This powerful beast engine produces a power of 31 bhp and an exceptional torque of 26 NM. The company introduces a pair of methods to transmit power to the rear wheel, they are Economy mode and Power mode. The weight of the vehicle will be 139 kg.

Experts mark the price for this motorcycle at RS.1.5 to RS 1.75 lakh.


Honda to launch India made CBR650F next year

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Mr. Y. S. Guleria, VP, Sales and Marketing, HMSI disclosed the fact that Honda will assemble the inline 4 pot sportsbike CBR650F locally in India from 2015. He made the declaration during the inauguration of a scooter manufacturing unit, believed to be the biggest of its kind, in Gujarat. In order to keep the price under control and make it attractive for Indian customers, Honda is planning to include locally produced parts and accessories. In fact Honda might be successful in unleashing the most pocket friendly 4 pot superbike in the country in the form of CBR650F.


Under the hood, the bike is equipped with a 4 stroke mill of 649cc and kept in the layout of an inline 4 pot engine. Advanced technological aspects such as 4 valves for each cylinder, liquid cooling, fuel injection and DOHC increase the engine’s efficiency and power to a great extent. The engine comes with a rated maximum power output of 86 bhp operating at 11000 rpm and a peak torque output of 3 Nm operating at 8000 rpm. A six speed manual transmission system will be mated to the engine. It can reach a top speed of more than 200 km/h and take merely 4 seconds for reaching the 100 km/h mark. Thus, the upcoming CBR650F is going to be much quicker in comparison to the other two reasonably priced sportsbikes running in India that is Ninja 650R and ER6N.

The high speed capabilities of the CBR650F calls for the need of an extremely effective braking system. The bike will be equipped with one disc at the rear wheel and dual discs on the front wheel. It receives telescopic forks on the front along with one shock absorber at the back. It will don a complete fairing and an impressive pillion seat from the point of view of a superbike. Thus, the CBR650F might provide more comfort while riding two individuals, compared to its counterparts. The company is expected to put the CBR650F sportsbike on sale just before the next financial year as it had launched a superbike during the same time this year.

The R25 sportsbike based naked bike Yamaha MT25 arriving next year

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The R25 sportsbike is all set to get a naked sibling in the form of MT25. However, Yamaha is using MTN-250 as the codename for the upcoming naked bike. The Japanese two wheeler giant is expected to change the name the street fighter to MT25 prior to its introduction. The prefix MT has been used by Yamaha several times while naming big naked models such as MT01 superbike with 1670 cc engine and the highly acclaimed sportsbike named as MT07 and having a 689 cc engine.


If you think that the upcoming naked bike will have an engine of similar size, then you are wrong. It will have a much lesser size of 250 cc. The engine is rated to produce a maximum power of 36 PS at 12,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 22.6 Nm at 10,000 rpm. The engine is mated to a 6 speed manually operated gearbox.

In order to exhibit better performance at low torques, there might be some modifications to the naked bike MT25. This is due to the fact that naked motorbikes are built mainly for urban roads where riders mainly prefer good torque at low speeds rather than power at high rpm. Yamaha will unveil the MT25 next year and it is expected to arrive with lesser fairing in comparison to the R25. This will also help in reducing the bike’s weight. Moreover, it will receive a better riding position.