Top 5 bikes under Rs 50000

There is a wide range of Bikes from different manufacturers available in the Indian two-wheeler market that would let your head go round wondering whi...


Triumph launches Thunderbird LT in ...

British automaker Triumph Motorcycles unveiled their classic bike tagged as the Thunderbird Light Touring or LT in India. This was done after the comp...


Piaggio reveals the limited edition...

It was in Pune where Piaggio showcased the new limited edition Vespa Elegante automatic moped. The upcoming vehicle will surely give goosbumps to peop...


Kawasaki Ninja H2 revealed in actio...

The motorcycle giant from Japan, Kawasaki has released yet another teaser showing the soon to be launched Ninja H2 in action. It is all set to get lau...

Top 5 bikes under Rs 50000

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There is a wide range of Bikes from different manufacturers available in the Indian two-wheeler market that would let your head go round wondering which vehicle would be the best choice for you. But when we talk about the best bike, it includes mileage, price and specifications along with many other aspects that are to be considered before we arrive to a decisive point. There are many factors that assist any bike to achieve a position in a list of top fives but your choice entirely depends on the priority of specifications in your list of desires.

To assist you figure out the best Bikes available today under a price range of Rs. 50,000 here’s a compiled list of top five Bikes that we have found to deliver the best value for the money you will spend on buying them.

Best bikes under Rs 50,000 in India

1. Honda CD 110 Dream: Rs 41,100


Do you love perfection in simplicity? If yes, the Honda CD 110 Dream could be a great choice for you. The bike is basically a refreshed version of Dream Neo, but with a more simplistics approach, making it an apt choice for office going commuters. You might not like this if you are looking for a sporty and muscular kind of bike.

  • Engine: Air-cooled, single cylinder, 4-stroke 109cc Engine
  • Peak Power: 8.4 ps at 7500 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 8.63 Nm at 5500 rpm
  • Brakes: Drum Brakes
  • Suspension: Telescopic, 5 step spring loaded suspension
  • Start: Kick
  • Fuel tank capacity: 8 litres
  • Mileage: 74 kmpl
  • Price: around Rs. 41,100

2. TVS Star City Plus: Rs 41,445


The TVS Star City Plus is a revamped version of the much popular Star City, which can be considered as the most succesful bike in the company’s portfolio. The style it offers at its price is simple appreciable. Sturdy and sporty, the TVS Star City Plus could be an opt choice if you don’t want to keep things simple.

  • Engine: Air-cooled, single cylinder, 4-stroke 109.7cc Engine
  • Peak Power: 8.29 ps at 7000 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 8.7 Nm at 5000 rpm
  • Brakes: Drum Brakes
  • Suspension: Telescopic, 2 step adjustable shocks
  • Start: Kick/Self
  • Fuel tank capacity: 16 litres
  • Mileage: 86 kmpl
  • Price: around Rs. 41,445 (Kick start), around Rs 44,000 (Self start)

3. Hero MotoCorp iSmart: Rs 47,550


The Hero iSmart is again the revamped Hero Splendour NXG, but with significant visual upgradations and the i3S (idle stop and start system) technology. The i3S technology automatically shuts down the engine when the bike is idle, and again starts it when you need to move the bike. This leads to great fuel savings in the city driving conditions.

  • Engine: Air-cooled, single cylinder, 4-stroke 97.2cc Engine
  • Peak Power: 7.8 ps at 7500 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 8.04 Nm at 4500 rpm
  • Brakes: Drum Brakes
  • Suspension: Telescopic hydraulic Shock Absorbers, Swing arm with 2 step
  • Start: Kick/Self
  • Fuel tank capacity: 8.7 litres
  • Mileage: 81 kmpl
  • Price: around Rs. 47,550

4. Bajaj Discover 125M: Around Rs. 48,500


The Bajaj Discover 125M is the latest addition to the Discover line-up from Bajaj. Although the looks have been toned down in comparison to the 125T, but the bike looks a perfect balance of looks and performance. This is not just the most powerful bike at this price point, but also comes as a complete package, scoring good in all the departments.

  • Engine: Single cyl, 4-valve, DTS-I with ExhausTEC, 124.6cc Engine
  • Peak Power: 11.5 ps at 8000 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 10.8 Nm at 6000 rpm
  • Brakes: Drum/Disc Brakes
  • Suspension: Telescopic, Nitrox Twin
  • Start: Kick/Self
  • Fuel tank capacity: 9.5 litres
  • Mileage: 76 kmpl
  • Price: around Rs. 48,500

5. Mahindra Centuro: Rs 45,000


The Mahindra Centuro is an interesting bike which comes with a range of features hard to find in even high-end motorcycles. While the design is just average, the twin moilded bars below the fuel tank give it a bold look. The instrumnt cluster has unique indicators like distance to empty and a clock. Some other unique features include Guide me home – keeps headlight on for 30 seconds after the bike has been turned off, find me – indicator flash and sound to find bike in parking, and engine immobiliser – immobilise the engine when wrong key is inserted.

Triumph launches Thunderbird LT in India for INR 15.75 lakhs

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British automaker Triumph Motorcycles unveiled their classic bike tagged as the Thunderbird Light Touring or LT in India. This was done after the company received overwhelming response throughout the globe after the release of 11 classic cruisers worldwide. According to ex-showroom Delhi prices, the new bike will be available for INR 15.75 lakhs. It will bolster the range of cruisers which include the Storm Rocket III Roadster. Triumph will hope for a massive competitive lead in the luxury bike sector which has grown considerably in the Indian market.


According to the MD of Triumph Motorcycles India, the company is very happy at the enthusiasm shown by Indians for its premium cruisers. The Thunderbird LT is extremely elegant with superb looks, great performance, comfortable handling and class leading luxury and is built for comfortable long range rides. And they are extremely confident of extending their market share with the Thunderbird LT.

The Thunderbird LT will don a beastly 1699 cc flexible parallel twin 8 valve DOHC engine which offers torque rich speeds so that you can achieve maximum performance and apt highway cruising while making minimum gear shifts. The engine is capable of belting out 151 Nm and 94 PS of output. The presence of wire spoked ultra wide wheels having white walled radial tyres gives you a far better ride than others. Other mind blowing features include detachable saddlebags of leather, deep and custom styled mudguards, quickly detachable windshield, modern ergonomic refinement, dual layer foam seat having lumbar support and shrouded forks. You get unlimited mileage warranty for 2 years as well.

The reshaped and redesigned deeply foamed seat along with lumbar support provide utmost comfort without increasing the seat height too much thereby making it apt for all kinds of riders. They are made of dual layer dual density foam that is not only soft but provides more support as well. The carefully shaped driver’s seat distributes the pressure equally and has flared sides besides a lumbar support pad. Even the cover for the seat was chosen after it was made sure that it provided sufficient elasticity and remained unaffected even under the sun.

Riders interested in the Thunderbird LT can opt from two colors: one a mixture of Crystal White and Caspian Blue and other a mix of Lava Red and Phantom Black.

Piaggio reveals the limited edition Vespa Elegante officially

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It was in Pune where Piaggio showcased the new limited edition Vespa Elegante automatic moped. The upcoming vehicle will surely give goosbumps to people who still have a special corner in their heart for traditional scooters and love to ride on a premium one.

Although the scooter is scheduled to get officially launched after some days, it is available at all the dealerships for viewers who are interested to have a close look after 20th September 2014. The Vespa Elegante looks like a sibling of the VX model with which it shares the core specifications. This means that the engine under the hood of the Special Edition moped will be the already seen 125cc 4 stroke one which is rated to deliver 10 PS and 10.06 Nm. The engine will be paired with a CVT transmission unit.


The scooter will have a single coiled spring on the back and an exclusive single sided tailing link on the front for managing the suspension tasks. Although the brakes at the back are still the usual drum systems, the front end will feature the modern disc brakes.

The exclusive features that will be available with the Special Edition Vespa Elegante include leather finished dual seats complementing the color, different chrome grille on the front, special Elegante badge, chrome guard kit protecting the front bumper and scooter. It will be available in two amazing metallic colors which are Pearl white or Bianco Perla resembling white pearls found in seas and Metallic brown or Marrone Crete Senesi representing special Italian clay. The package also includes a helmet of the same color.

With automatic scooters winning hearts amidst a pool of powerful and stylish bikes, the company hopes to sell around 3000 units of the Limited Edition Elegante during the upcoming quarter. There has been no announcement about the prices yet although you must be ready to pay a premium if you are interested in buying it.

Kawasaki Ninja H2 revealed in action in teasers

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The motorcycle giant from Japan, Kawasaki has released yet another teaser showing the soon to be launched Ninja H2 in action. It is all set to get launched in Intermot on the last day of this month. During this teasing video, Kawasaki has drawn comparison between the upcoming H2 and the one which was launched in 1971 and also branded as 750SS Mach IV. The H2 that was launched in 1971 had the reputation of being the speediest bike packed with incomparable acceleration in those times.


Kawasaki promises that the latest 2014 H2 bike will live up to the expectation of becoming one of the fastest one on the road. Even in the videos launched previously, Kawasaki had teased the upcoming 2014 H2 comparing it with the fastest bikes of their own. And the latest video which lasts only for a few seconds discloses the upcoming model of Ninja H2 in motion. This new bike will most probably be equipped with the 4 cylinder supercharged engine which was inaugurated by Kawasaki during the Motor Show held at Tokyo in 2013.

Only time will be able to tell whether the upcoming Ninja H2 from Kawasaki will become the speediest motorcycle on the road till date or not. If you are too keen to get an answer, you will have to keep an eye on the motorcycle show to be held at Intermot on 30th September this year.

Vespa set to launch 946 in India in early 2015

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The ostentatious price of the Vespa 946 has sent a lot of waves in the media. Vespa was planning to launch the latest moped sometime in the latter part of 2014. However, it has now been officially declared that Vespa will import the 946 only in the early part of 2015. The announcement was made during an event where the upcoming Vespa Elegante was showcased. And the reason for the delay is the slowness of the homologation task. The bosses of Vespa said that customers will have to wait till the next year for the launch of the Piaggio 946.


If you have been unaware of the speculations surrounding the Vespa 946, then you will be interested to know the mechanical configuration on the inside. It will don a 125 cc single cylinder 3 valve petrol oil burner that is capable of generating a peak power of 11.7 hp and a maximum torque of 10.3 Nm while being paired with a CVT auto transmission unit. It is the Piaggio MP6 launched in 1946 from where the upcoming Vespa 946 draws inspiration. The outfit has been created using sheet steel along with elements of aluminium. Such elements include front mudguard, side panels, saddle support and handle bar. It uses an ABS braking unit besides an ASR electronic traction control system. It sits on big 12 inch wheels and can be stopped by applying twin disc brakes.

The scooter looks extremely exquisite from the outside but lacks sufficient power on the inside. On being imported to India, it will be available at INR 8-9 lakhs. This is undoubtedly one of the most overpriced mopeds in the global market but Vespa has been touting it as an exceptionally beautiful vehicle. Vespa doesn’t expect a boost in sales with the 946; instead it wants its wealthy fanatics to keep it as a piece of art in their garage.

Honda drops plans of bringing the face-lifted CBR 150R to India

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PNB and Honda entered into a collaboration in which Indian customers will be able to save Rs 10000 on getting Honda bikes financed by Punjab National Bank. During the same event, the VP of Sales and Marketing, Honda, Mr. Yadvinder Guleria confirmed that that they are not planning to bring the refreshed version of CBR 150R to India and have also delayed the inauguration of the brand new 160cc bike.


After the face-lifted model of CBR 150R was unleashed in Indonesia some weeks ago, Indian fans were very keen of riding the new CBR bike in the near future. However, Honda has hardly made enough modifications to the existing model for you to miss it too much. The most prominent cosmetic change in the new bike will be the modified version of dual headlamps. Under the hood, it will have an engine which enables it to deliver a slight enhancement in torque to 13 Nm from 12.66 Nm. Moreover, the bike will deliver the peak performance at a speed which is 1000 rpm lesser in comparison to the outgoing bike’s peak speed of 8500 rpm. Thus, you will have to make less gear shifts in busy city traffic.

But the disappointing thing is that the maximum power produced by the engine is reduced to 17.1 PS from 17.8 PS and that too at exactly the same speed of 10500 rpm. The upgrades have increased the bike’s weight by 5 kgs as well. Thus, the bike will come with a lower power by weight ratio and lesser pulling energy as well. The newer version of CBR is only slightly better in comparison to the older model in terms of looks. In fact, if the R15 arrives in India some weeks later, you will have a more lucrative option.

100 percent growth reported by DSK Hyosung in quarter litre category

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The Indian roads are mostly covered by 250cc motorcycles and DSK Hyosung has always been an impressive player in this segment for a long period of time. It is from this range that lifestyle riding and powerful performance begin. With DSK Hyosung making all efforts by providing dual cylinder engines in bikes having comparatively lower prices, it has been extremely successful which is evident from its reports of achieving 100 percent growth rate in the quarter litre category. The company was able to post a magnificent performance of 100 percent growth rate during the gap between July 2013 and August this year.


The last bike in the 250cc segment which was introduced by Hyosung was the Aquila 250. It was inaugurated during the Auto Expo held in Delhi in the early part of 2014. With a price tag of INR 2.69 lakhs, the stylish cruiser was able to record nearly 275 advanced bookings in just one month after arriving in the country. The GV Aquila 250 uses the power of a 4 stroke 249cc 8 valve dual cylinder oil cooled mill with a maximum power rating of 26.21 hp operating at 9500 rpm and a maximum torque of around 21.37 Nm while operating at 7500 rpm. Though it looks like a sports bike, it has been touted as a Real Cruiser.

Another 250cc offering from Hyosung is the GT250R which is an entry level sports bike having SBK outlook. Despite having exactly the same configuration on the inside, it is able to produce 28 hp while operating at 1000 rpm and 22.07 Nm at 8000 rpm. A 5 speed transmission system is paired with the engine fuelled by an EFI unit. It has the ability to reach speeds of 140 kmph with a weight of 188 kg. It has a price tag of Rs 2.75 lakhs.

Four Harley riders from Pune to cover 13 Indian HOG dealerships

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The third edition of the Southern HOG (Harley Owners Group) Rally is all set to commence in Hyderabad. For commemorating the occasion and getting linked with owners of Harley Davidson bikes residing in different corners of India, four riders based in Pune have decided to take part in a ride which will end at the Rally scheduled in Hyderabad.

Each of these riders has decided to visit all the 15 Harley dealerships located in different corners of the country. After starting their expedition on 13th September 2014 from the company’s Two Rivers dealership in Pune, they shall be travelling to visit the Seven Islands dealership facility located in Mumbai and then to visit the Tiger Chapter in Indore and finally moving further north. Apart from these 13 chapters of HOG, they have decided to create pit stops during their journey on a path ranging from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. They have decided to collectively cover a distance of around 40,000 kms during a span of thirteen days before meeting their brothers in Hyderabad at the upcoming Southern HOG Rally.


One of the riders, Mr. Dharmendra Jain stated that after planning this kind of ride for a very long time they decided to give it shape. They are keen to interact with all their fellow brothers and stop at all the chapters located across the nation. It is the brotherhood shared by all the Harley Davidson owners and the support expected from all the dealerships which enabled these riders to go for this kind of trip. They will also be expecting their brothers to meet them so that they can spend some interesting moments together.

Manoj Joshi, a member of Bengal’s HOG chapter was very excited and said that they will welcome all the riders with great vigour as this kind of journey symbolizes the passion shared by Harley Davidson owners. He is sure that all the riders will have a great time while sharing all their memorable journeys and enthusiasm. This Rally will host the biggest gathering of motorcycles from Harley Davidson in South India. Almost 650 owners are all set with their latest bikes to take part in one of the biggest rallies in this part of the world and give a proper welcome to the enthusiastic Pune riders.

KTM launches RC 390 at INR 2,32,000 (on road) in Navi Mumbai

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The much awaited RC series bikes were officially revealed during an event held on 9th September 2014 in Pune. The bikes have already begun landing at dealerships. A small private launching ceremony was also held by KTM at its showroom in Navi Mumbai for unleashing the RC390. The company had invited its fans for having a clear picture of what they can expect from the motorcycle. Interested customers had the option make the booking instantly as well. The bike was unleashed in front of bike enthusiasts by the owners of the showroom, Mr Ramesh Vijan and his son Mr Sachin Vijan. Mayank Bhatt, the Area Service Manager introduced the audience to the RC390’s features. It will have an on road price of INR 2.32 lakhs in Navi Mumbai.


Doing the duty on the inside will be a liquid cooled 375cc single cylinder engine churning out a torque of 35 Nm and a power of 43.5 PS. The RC200 will don a 199.5cc liquid cooled single cylinder engine capable of pushing a torque of 19.2 Nm and a power of 25 hp. None of the bikes will be devoid of the classic features like body integrated pillion, upside down suspensions by WP on the front, an aluminium swingarm and dual projector headlights. The higher ranked RC390 will offer additional features such as Metzeler tyres and BOSCH ABS.

If you are interested in exploring the latest RC390, all you need to do is visit the KTM showroom in Navi Mumbai located near the Vashi station. You have to pay Rs 30,000 for booking the bike and wait for around 3 months to get one for yourself.

Triumph set to unveil the Thunderbird LT in India on 18th September

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Legendary British two wheeler company Triumph Motorcycles is ready to burn the Indian roads with the Thunderbird LT which will send a sense of vibe in the surroundings. As the name indicates, it is designed to create an imposing impact and will be available from 18th of this month. Triumph Motorcycles didn’t take much time to win a lot of Indian hearts and is eager to expand their customer base with the upcoming Thunderbird LT which is distinctive, stunning and undoubtedly a dream bike.


The idiosyncratic and charismatic parallel liquid cooled dual 169cc engine develops 151 Nm of torque and 93 bhp of power and gives you an effortless ride. The hardcore touring potential makes the Thunderbolt LT distinct from others. Triumph has even designed a set of attractive long ride accessories including auxiliary spot lamps, pillion passenger backrest, leather saddle bags of 21 litres and windscreen. The presence of whitewall tires, diverse couch lines, classic tank design and spoke wheels imparts a classy outlook. The elegant facade combined with chrome finished parts will definitely grab eyeballs.

The 180 section tyre at the back allows you to have a better control over the bike which is extremely vital on Indian roads. The 6 speed gear unit pairs with the oil burner perfectly and enables you to enjoy a smooth ride even on fast and long highways, lonely back roads and rough terrains. With a huge fuel tank of 21.8 litres, you have the full liberty to travel to unexplored areas without worrying about a fueling pump. In order to attract more customers, Triumph has provided two color options such as Crystal White with Caspian Blue and Phantom Black with Lava Red. Both the colors look exquisite and boost the rider’s appearance. The Thunderbolt LT will come with a price tag of 16 lakhs in the Indian market.